Kripalu Yoga

at the studio • $10 per class or 6 classes for $50

Kripalu (Krih-PAH-loo) means being compassionate in Sanskrit, the language of yoga tradition. This is the essence of Kripalu yoga, having self- compassion. Think of your time on the mat as a work in, not just another workout. The mat is not a platform for more comparing or competing that the outside world encourages or demands. The mat is a place of self inquiry. The body will rebalance with strength and flexibility while the mind and heart calms. Reflection Yoga classes are geared for beginners to intermediate students. Class outline includes centering (meditation), hatha and or vinyasa style of yoga (meditation in motion) and relaxation (stillness and integration). All props provided, walk-ins welcome!



8-9 AM

10-11:15AM + 6:00-7:15pm

thursdays @

Private Sessions
also available

$35 per hour


Kripalu yoga is the practice of learning to love oneself.
— Amrit Desai
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