Steph’s beautiful teachings radiate throughout my life- on and off my yoga mat. Her class has been life changing! I am so thankful for everything she has taught me... mindfulness, stress relief, relaxation, breathing techniques, the importance of living a life of compassion and gratitude, living life in the present, strength and flexibility on and off the mat and so much more.  What a gift her classes are! 
— Peggy

Steph fosters a safe and nurturing space for students to delve into yoga practice and heal the mind, body and heart.  Using the yoga practices as a vehicle, Steph guides her students to access their inner teacher, their truest selves.  No matter how stressed or exhausted I was at the start of practice, I always left class feeling grounded, replenished, and deeply at peace.  If you are looking for a yoga experience that goes far deeper than just the physical postures, look no further.
— Jessie

I began my yoga practice at Simply Breathe almost four years ago.  I had no idea how yoga would transform my life.  Mind, body, spirit...  Before yoga I was going to a chiropractor monthly because my body was so tense and out of line.  I no longer need that monthly visit to the chiropractor.  I have found a peace and calm that I could never find within myself.  Through my practice and Stephs gentle guidance I have opened myself to seeking a more balanced way of life.
— Susan 

My life coaching experience with Stephanie has been an awakening of my body, mind & spirit. She has guided me compassionately and professionally to know myself & trust myself.
— Bonnie

If you have never had the opportunity to have reflexology performed on your feet, you are missing out on a great way to relax . It is a lot like a massage but only for your feet. As I laid on the table having my feet worked on it was a great comfort for my whole body.
— Susan S