A Calming Atmosphere.

Reflection Studios is located in an old elementary school in Reno, Ohio. All three of our children ran the halls of this building. I appreciate the reminder of the childlike wonder and work to recreate the feeling of being present, playful and curious. The atmosphere at the studio is inviting and calming. All props are supplied, space size is cozy, maximum class size is 14. 


the yoga studio provides:

  • Mats

  • Meditation Pillows

  • Bolsters

  • Blankets

  • Sandbags

  • Eye Pillows

  • lamp lighting

  • Unscented candles and diffuser using essential oils

  • Bathroom/Changing room on site

  • Off street parking provided

  • Walk-ins are welcome

  • Water fountains available in building



other businesses in the building


Polarity Therapy & Craniosacral Therapy
Wellness Unlimited:
Janet(Shila) Wilson 740-350-6227

Shear Class Hair Salon:

TACK IT Travel:
Tara Hurt 740-236-2395