Frequently Asked Questions


Yoga Classes

What do I wear to class?

The studio is in an old elementary school building, the temperature can vary. Dress in layers and in breathable, comfortable, moving clothing.


What if I can't do a pose?

Honor your body, always. Yoga is not about getting into a pose, it is about exploring where is the body's fullest expression in each moment. You cannot do yoga wrong.


what size are your classes?

Classes are small, max 14 students.


Do I have to register ahead of time.

No, walk-ins welcome unless the class is at maximum capacity.


What is the outline of your class?

Each class I teach has these elements, yet no two class are alike.
Centering, warm up for the joints , posture slow flow, relaxation.


When I sign up for 6 classes for $50 , do they have to be consecutively?

No, I am flexible with schedules. Making yourself a priority is a vital part of the yoga experience.


Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes I do, for individual class for $10, 6 for $50. I also offer gift certificates towards workshops.


What levels are your yoga classes geared for ?

Our yoga classes are geared more for beginners to Intermediate students. Modifications are offered and so is self expression to go farther into a pose if that is what your body is calling for . Honoring your body in ea moment is fundamental in all yoga experiences from breath, to movement to holding and releasing. 


What does Yoga mean? 

Yoga is the union of life itself. It is a way to reconnect to ourselves. Yoking together body, mind , heart and soul. It invites us to wake up to what is real, this perfectly imperfect moment.


If a class is cancelled, how will I be notified?

I will post any cancellations on website, face book and instagram. I will also post a sign on the door of the studio when possible.  I have calendars for the current months and will have scheduled cancellations posted on calendars as well.
Due to inclement weather, when level 2 weather advisory is reported, the class will be cancelled. This will also be posted on the social media sites.



is the client fully dressed for session ?

Yes, including socks is that helps to relax on the massage table ( that can be heated or not ) 

What is the cancellation policy for Reflexology session?

if canceling 24 hours or more prior to session, no problem. 24 hours or less , 50% payment fee $20. 


Life Coaching

What is the cancellation policy for life coaching?

cancelling 24 hours or more , no fee . 24 hours or less 50% of determined fee with individual client. 



What is meditation?

A variety of techniques used to quiet the mind to bring the student into the present moment. Breath work, body scan and metta loving kindness meditations are all tools to align body, mind , heart and soul into the experience of the moment and distance for a little while from what is next or what was, both drain us from the energy that lives in what is.