In 2011 I attended a weekend workshop hosted by Coby Kozlowski at Kripalu Yoga & Retreat Center. I was instantly drawn towards her dynamic approach as she introduced her life coaching program. Trusting my intuition and feeding my passion, I became certified in 2012 as a Souluna Life Coach. 


About Life Coaching


Souluna Life Coaching empowers others to fully experience, create, love and savor life. This happens by flexing the muscle of awareness with their values, perspectives, what is possible and being present. An investment to become inner directed as answers are all inside each of us. This journey is about aligning your particles of life with your souls purpose.


Clients drive to connect with Reflection Life Coaching:

  • To become more connected to yourself and those in your life (in that order)
  • To find your voice to empower your life with making your own choices.
  • To feel stronger, physically, mentally & emotionally.
  • To learn tools to cultivate inner peace and self love.
  •  Being present. To see your experiences from the past as lessons, not defining you.
  • To move forward in desired goal or dream.
  • To embrace your gifts and offer what only you can to others




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You have resources yet to be unleashed. Make bold, courageous choices. Live as though you have the power to change the world—because you do.
— Caroline Myss